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By ibrahimNovember 25, 2022In Fiction

Masho Matook / شيء حلو Trailer

I was 10 years old when I was playing with my friends a game called “The Pile”. We were playing and having fun until the ball was dropped near the Israeli Army patrol that used to station around the corner. The Israeli soldiers held on to the ball for some time, so we went to ask them to give it back to us in order to resume our game. They lured us into taking a piece of chocolate along with the ball as a token of good will. As the Israeli soldiers started arguing among themselves, we were able to take both the ball and the piece of chocolate. We finished the game, yet it wasn’t over for me. I thought that by faking it all over again, I’ll get more candy. Therefore, I threw the ball towards them. However, what happened back then was even more atrocious than what I expected.

Director: Khalil Al Mozayen


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