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By ibrahimNovember 25, 2022In Music Clips

The Last Saint / آخِر وَلِي


We all search for the path .. and the way

Akher Wali: translation in English) The last saint standing at the gate of the tomb eyes closed yield to his fate doesn’t have from life but a garment and a heart full of contentment he cleanses himself of his sins with the love of God and thirst for closeness to Saint Al-Hussein translucent with rapture the hand of time weighs heavily on him leaves marks on his forehead I don’t know when he came I don’t know where he came from standing he mumbles his prayers repeats them a hundred times and all I hear is God, don’t leave me alone Lyrics Montasser Hegazy Music & Voice Wael Sami Elkholy Mix & Mastering Björn Meyer Percussion / Duf Titus Bellwald Dance Pascale Altenburger Character.

Mohamed Al Ayoubi Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist Paul Alouche Editing Ibrahim Abdel Aziz DOP Ibrahim Yaghi Colour Grading SM Lab Screenplay & Directed by Omar Ghayatt Studio Moroni Films ©Studio Moroni Films 2020 ©Be Sphinx 2020 Thanks to Grosse Halle Bern Song “Akher Wali” from album “wurzeln”

كلنا يبحث عن الطريق .. و الطريقة

آخر ولي على باب المقام واقف مغمض عينه و مسلم لمكتوبه مالوش في الدنيا غير توبه و قلبه م الرضا طاير بيغسل بالهوى ذنوبه و يشكي عطشه للحسين م الوجد شفاف البدن تقلت عليه إيد الزمن سايبه مكانها ع الجبين ماعرفش جه إمتى ماعرفش جاي منين واقف يقول ورده و يعدّه ميت عدّة كل اللي انا سمعته ربي لا تذرني فردا




svgNidwaldner Museum Winkelriedhaus | Nathalie Bissig
svgGalerie Vitrine | Luzern | Grossformat | Bruno Müller-Meyer

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